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Announcing the 8(a) Contractors’ Toolkit

To keep federal contractors apprised of recent decisions affecting the 8(a) Program, we are launching the 8(a) Contractors' Toolkit. The goal is to provide relevant and useful information for government contractors about eligibility, contract requirements, and best practices.

8a Program Contractors Toolkit 2023.jpg

Check back regularly as we cover various topics bearing on federal contractors currently participating in or hoping to gain entry into the 8(a) Program. We’ll also regularly update the site to discuss rapidly changing legal news affecting government contractors.            

Recent Posts

"Back to Basics: 8(a) Program Economic Disadvantage"

"8(a) Program's Two Years in Business Rule: Requirement or Suggestion?"

"SBA’s 2023 Update: Demonstrating 8(a) Social Disadvantage"

"SBA and Industry Leaders Reaffirm Support for 8(a) Program in Light of Recent Judicial Attacks"

"UPDATE: SBA Reopens its Certify Site for all 8(a) Program Applicants"

"UPDATE: SBA Opens Certify Portal for Social Disadvantage Narrative Uploads by Current 8(a) Participants Not Pending 8(a) Award"

"Partner Nicole Pottroff Discusses Recent 8(a) Program Changes in Washington Post Article"

"DoD FAR Deviation Addresses 8(a) Social Disadvantage Changes"

"SBA Webinar Clarifies New Expectations for 8(a) Social Disadvantage Narrative"

"8(a) Social Disadvantage Narratives: What SBA is Looking For–Now, From ALL Individually-Owned 8(a) Applicants and Participants"

"SBA Update: Get Your Social Disadvantage Narrative Ready"

"SBA Clarifies Inconsistencies in 8(a) and Mentor-Protégé Ownership Rules"

"Podcast: Understanding the 8(a) Lawsuit and Its Impact: Attorney John Holtz Reveals All"

"SBA Puts “Temporary Pause” on New 8(a) Program Application Submissions"

"Initial Challenge to 8(a) Presumption of Social Disadvantage for Certain Minority Groups Succeeds: What This Means for Now"

Looking for more? Check out our 8(a) Program GovCon Handbook!

The 8(a) Program: A Guide to the SBA's 8(a) Business Development Program by attorney Nicole Pottroff

The 8(a) Business Development Program offers extraordinary benefits to disadvantaged small businesses, including set-aside and sole source government contracts. But the 8(a) Program's rules are complex, and business owners can grow frustrated trying to understand and comply with them. In this GovCon Handbook, Steven Koprince and Nicole Pottroff demystifies the 8(a) Program. Written in plain English and packed with easy-to-understand examples, this GovCon Handbook will help 8(a) applicants and participants take full advantage of the 8(a) Program.

Amazon link to The 8(a) Program handbook by Nicole Pottroff
Amazon Kindle link to The 8(a) Program handbook
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