Contract Appeals

If a government contracting officer denies your claim–or if the government asserts a claim against

your company–you may be able to file an appeal, and have the matter decided by an independent

judge.  Koprince Law LLC can help.


Preparing and Filing Contract Appeals

Filing a contract appeal can be difficult and challenging.  Timeliness rules, certification

requirements, and other technical hurdles can cause appeals to be dismissed without a hearing

on the merits.  And even when an appeal passes technical muster, it is difficult to prevail without strong and well-supported legal arguments.

Koprince Law offers comprehensive federal contracts appeals services.  Our appeals services include:

  • Appeal Analysis.  If you are thinking of filing a contract appeal, you are probably wondering, “what are my chances?”  Koprince Law will give you a full and frank assessment of your case–before you file.

  • Forum Selection.  Often, contractors have the ability to file an appeal either with the cognizant Board of Contracts Appeals or with the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.  Koprince Law can help you identify the best forum for your appeal.

  • Preparing the Appeal.  If you do decide to proceed with an appeal, Koprince Law will prepare a thorough and well-supported legal argument on your behalf.  Working with you, we will carefully select and advance our legal arguments, including by citing past “case law.”  That is relevant prior decisions of the Boards of Contract Appeals and federal courts.

  • Advancing the Appeal.  Filing a contracts appeal is only the first step.  After the appeal is filed, the case may proceed to a “discovery” phase, in which additional evidence is granted, or the sides may file motions seeking summary relief.  In some cases, the contractor and government negotiate a settlement after the initial appeal is filed.  Once the appeal is filed, Koprince Law will continue working hard on your behalf to advance the appeal–and maximize your odds of a favorable outcome.


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