Volume 1: Joint Ventures

For federal government contractors seeking to perform larger and more complex requirements, joint ventures can be the answer. But government contracts joint ventures come with strings attached–especially when the joint venture will pursue a set-aside contract. Get the details wrong, and the joint venture could be ineligible for award. In this GovCon Handbook, Steven Koprince and Candace Shields provide a detailed look at the rules and regulations for government contracts joint ventures, including size and socioeconomic requirements, mandatory joint venture provisions, performance of work requirements, and much more.

Volume 2: SBA Small Business Size and Affiliation Rules

Is your small business really “small”? When it comes to federal government contracts, the answer can be a lot more complex than it sounds. In this GovCon Handbook, government contracts attorneys Steven Koprince and Matthew Schoonover provide an in-depth look at the size and affiliation regulations for federal contractors. Written in plain English and packed with easy to understand examples, this GovCon Handbook demystifies the SBA’s rules regarding small business status for government contracts.

Volume 3: Debriefings and Bid Protests

Few words can be as anxiety-inducing to federal government contractors as bid protest. But for all the pain they can cause, it's undeniably true that bid protests play a vital part in the acquisition process, by helping to ensure the evaluations are conducted fairly and reasonably and by maintaining confidence in the acquisition system. In this GovCon Handbook, government contract attorneys Matthew Schoonover and Matthew Moriarty provide an overview of the bid protest process—including when, where, how, and why to file a bid protest. But first, this Handbook covers the often-overlooked aspect of an agency's evaluation: the debriefing. Helpfully, the authors also leave their tips to make the most of your debriefing and bid protest.

Volume 4: The 8(a) Program

The 8(a) Business Development Program offers extraordinary benefits to disadvantaged small businesses, including set-aside and sole source government contracts. But the 8(a) Program's rules are complex, and business owners can grow frustrated trying to understand and comply with them. In this GovCon Handbook, Steven Koprince and Ian Patterson demystify the 8(a) Program. Written in plain English and packed with easy-to-understand examples, this GovCon Handbook will help 8(a) applicants and participants take full advantage of the 8(a) Program.

Volume 5: Procedures and Pitfalls of Size Protests and Appeals

An adverse size protest determination and an unsuccessful appeal can make or break a small business that is competing for federal contracts restricted to small businesses. Not only can it result in losing a contract award, but a business found other than small cannot compete for future small business contracts until it has been recertified as small. In this GovCon Handbook, government contracts attorney Shane McCall explains how to prepare for size protests and appeals. Written in plain language without legal jargon, the many examples will help contractors learn the basic and advanced strategies for a company to work through the size protest and appeal processes. 

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