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SBA Size Protests

Do you need an SBA size protest attorney?  If you are considering challenging a competitor’s small business size status, or you need to defend a protest against your own small business size, Koprince McCall Pottroff LLC can help.

Koprince McCall Pottroff LLC’s attorneys have successfully filed and defended many SBA size protests.  Our team is well-versed in the SBA’s complex size and affiliation regulations, as well as the SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals case law interpreting those regulations.  As your SBA size protest attorneys, Koprince McCall Pottroff LLC can help you maximize your chances of a successful SBA size protest or SBA size protest defense.


Preparing SBA Size Protests

Koprince McCall Pottroff LLC assists federal government contractors in preparing and filing SBA size protests.  Our size protest services include:

  • SBA Size Protest Analysis. If you are contemplating filing an SBA size protest, you are probably wondering: “What is my likelihood of success?”  Koprince McCall Pottroff LLC will review your situation and provide you with a full and frank analysis of the risks and benefits of proceeding with a size protest.

  • SBA Size Protest Technical Review. Filing a SBA size protest is not necessarily as easy as it seems.  Short timeline rules, “specificity” requirements, and other technical filing rules can cause the SBA to dismiss a potentially meritorious size protest, or lead the protester to miss an important deadline.  Koprince McCall Pottroff LLC can help ensure that your size protest is timely, meets all technical filing requirements, and makes all appropriate arguments about why your competitor is not a small business.

  • SBA Size Protest Preparation and Filing. Maximizing the potential for a successful SBA size protest requires a thorough and well-written protest document.  Citing SBA OHA “case law” and other applicable laws and regulations, Koprince McCall Pottroff LLC can prepare a thorough and well-supported SBA size protest on your behalf.


Size Protest Defense

If a competitor has filed an SBA size protest against your company, you only have a few days to put together a response.  Koprince McCall Pottroff LLC’s attorneys can help you review the size protest allegations, walk through the complex SBA Form 355, and develop a comprehensive strategy to defend your small business status.

When your small business size status is under attack, it is no time to cut corners.  Without an effective response, you could lose your ability to win small business set-aside contracts, and even be terminated from socioeconomic programs like the 8(a) Program.  Koprince McCall Pottroff LLC draws on the SBA size regulations and SBA OHA case law to provide a thorough response defending your small business status—and your contract award.


SBA Size and Affiliation Rules Compliance

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” goes the old saying.  When it comes to your small business size status, the saying holds true.

If you are concerned that your company may have an affiliation or other size status problem, don’t wait until an SBA size protest lands on your desk.  Koprince McCall Pottroff LLC can help you review and correct any issues now, so when a competitor files an SBA size protest in the future, you won’t have to worry that you might lose your contract.


SBA Size Protest FAQs


Do I need a lawyer to file or defend an SBA size protest?   The SBA size protest rules do not require a size protest to be filed or defended by a lawyer.  However, you should strongly consider hiring an experienced SBA size protest attorney to file your protest or defend against a competitor’s size protest.  Working with a size protest attorney can help you avoid complex technical pitfalls and present a much stronger case to the SBA.

Do I need to travel to Washington, D.C. to file a SBA size protest?  Does my SBA size protest attorney need to be located in Washington, D.C.?  No and no.  Regardless of whether you file an SBA size protest on your own or hire a size protest attorney, neither you nor your attorney needs to travel to Washington, D.C.  SBA size protests may be filed from anywhere in the world by email or facsimile, and SBA size protests are decided without any in-person argument. Koprince McCall Pottroff LLC’s location outside Kansas City does not affect our ability to file or defend SBA size protests.

Size Protest Articles on SmallGovCon
At Koprince McCall Pottroff LLC, we closely follow the latest SBA OHA size appeal decisions, as well as regulatory changes affecting size protests and appeals.  We regularly blog on size protests on our blog, SmallGovCon.  Click here to read our articles on size protests.


Contact Koprince McCall Pottroff LLC’s SBA Size Protest Attorneys

If you need SBA size protest attorney services, do not delay. Contact Koprince McCall Pottroff LLC at (785) 200-8919 or

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